How Salesforce uses Slack to focus on selling

Win back time to close more deals

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Salesforce and Slack are teaming up to make the Digital HQ for Sales an even bigger reality. With the power of Sales Cloud and Slack working together, teams can get more done together to make deals flow. Slack gives teams a space to efficiently work together, and, now, with the Sales Cloud for Slack app (GA Summer ‘22), teams can easily share and update Salesforce records to help strengthen selling conversations and forecast confidently.

Join us for this Salesforce on Salesforce story to learn how the Sales Cloud for Slack app is supercharging the Digital HQ for Salesforce sellers.

주요 발표자:

SalesforceSenior Director, Product ManagementVenk Chandran
SalesforceSr. Director, IT Product ManagementJenny Tran
SalesforceSenior Manager, Business ArchitectureLissa Smith
SalesforceStrategic Account ManagerDominique Kemper
SalesforceProduct Marketing ManagerAdrienne McCrory
SlackDirector, Solutions MarketingJeremy Hemsworth

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