Slack Sales Elevate 101: Unlock your sales productivity with the power of Sales Cloud in Slack

Automate work and accelerate deals with the new Slack for sales solution

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Sales productivity is what drives business forward. But on average, reps spend 72% of their time on non-selling activities. That’s valuable time that could be spent building customer relationships and growing the business.

Enter Slack Sales Elevate. Built specifically for sales teams to boost productivity and lessen the manual task load, our new sales tool seamlessly integrates Salesforce Sales Cloud and Slack to bring together the right people, processes, and real-time CRM data into one powerful experience. Now you can automate non-selling tasks, drive efficient processes at scale with AI-ready workflows, and empower teams to come together to close deals faster, all in one place, Slack. And the best part: sales reps can effortlessly manage their Salesforce accounts and data from anywhere, on any device.

Join us to see a live demo and to learn more about how Slack Sales Elevate can transform the way your sales teams work together and win.

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