Slack for manufacturing: on the floor and in the field

Hear how Slack is being used by some of the world’s top manufacturers to boost productivity and streamline collaboration


    Join us for a deep dive into Slack’s capabilities for manufacturers. We’ll explore how the productivity platform drives efficient process coordination across production, sales and services teams to eliminate wasted effort and free up employees to focus on delivery.

    In addition to illustrating the value of Slack with real-life customer examples, we’ll detail how it enables frontline manufacturing workers to:

    • Coordinate shift management and work handoffs while boosting overall engagement
    • Connect with industrial, engineering and leadership teams to report, triage and remediate issues faster than before
    • Improve collaboration with production, sales and services teams to deliver value for customers

    Rednerinnen und Redner:

    Duane PeckHead of Industry Marketing, Retail & Consumer Goods, Slack
    Devin GeorgeLead Solution Engineer, Slack

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