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Slack on Slack: How we run marketing campaigns in channels

From brainstorming buzz-worthy concepts to meeting deadlines, Slack is your digital HQ for coordinating marketing

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  • Marketingfachleute

Marketing is a team sport. Launching campaigns, creating content of all types and—most importantly—understanding customers requires fast and effective collaboration. In today’s digital-first workplace, legacy communication tools like email don’t make the cut. That’s why modern organizations are turning to Slack as their Digital HQ for Marketing to run better campaigns.

In this webinar, Slack’s marketing and customer success all-stars share how they use the platform each day. Meet Mallory Friese, senior content marketing manager at Slack, and Justin Leeson and Tyler Zabor, customer success managers at Slack. This conversation gets down to the nitty-gritty with best practices for brainstorming campaign concepts, collaborating with external partners, organizing timelines and automating routine tasks—all in Slack channels. With Slack as your digital HQ, you’ll get to market faster.

Rednerinnen und Redner:

Mallory FrieseSr. Content Marketing Manager, Slack
Justin LeesonCustomer Success Manager, Slack
Tyler ZaborCustomer Success Manager, Slack

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