Pricing changes for the Pro subscription and updates to the free subscription

Over the years, we’ve expanded our product offering, including flexible tools to connect in more ways, robust security features, app integrations, workflows and much more. To ensure that we can continue to deliver innovations that delight our customers and help their businesses thrive, we’re increasing the price of our Pro subscription and making some changes to our free subscription. Both changes come into effect on 1st September 2022. 

Pro subscription pricing changes

On 1st September 2022, the price of the Pro subscription will increase. View details and FAQ about the price increase below or head to our pricing page for more information. 

Price change by currency


Subscription type

New price
(per person/month)

(per person/year)
USD Monthly 
EUR Monthly 
GBP Monthly 
JPY Monthly 
INR Monthly 
₹ 655
₹ 545
₹ 7860
₹ 6540


Free subscription changes

Starting 1st September 2022, we’re simplifying limits for the free subscription. Instead of a 10,000-message limit and 5 GB of storage, we’re giving full access to the past 90 days of message history and file storage, so you’ll never have to guess when your team will hit your limit. You’ll also have expanded access to features, including clips and message and file retention settingsView FAQ about the upcoming changes below.

FAQ for the Pro subscription price increase

Will pricing only be increasing for the Pro subscription?
Yes, pricing is only changing for the Pro subscription. Pricing for the Business+ and Enterprise Grid subscriptions will remain the same. 

When does the price increase go into effect?
The increase is effective as of 1st September 2022. Customers that did not lock in the legacy pricing before this date will see this price change on their next renewal date after 1st September 2022. Visit your workspace’s billing page to see your next renewal date. 

My workspace is currently taking advantage of a promotion – will the price increase impact that?
Active discounts will still apply with the Pro subscription price increase for the duration of the discount period or the promotion, as applicable.

Will this impact the Education or Charities discounts?
Active discounts for Education and Charities will still apply with the Pro subscription price increase. You can see how this affects your workspace from the billing page.

Does the pricing change apply to workspaces in countries outside of the US?
Yes, these changes apply to international customers as well. View the updated pricing in the table above.

FAQ for changes to the free subscription

What new features will be available on the free subscription?
Customers using the free subscription will get access to clips, which allow anyone to share audio and video messages in Slack. 

What will happen to messages and files in my workspace older than 90 days?
All messages, files and clips older than 90 days will be hidden. At any time, you can upgrade to a paid subscription to unlock access to your workspace’s entire message and file history.

How will 90-day message and file limits work if my workspace uses Slack Connect?
If your free workspace has been invited to use Slack Connect to work with another organisation, messages and files older than 90 days in Slack Connect channels will be accessible. However, in Slack Connect direct messages, messages and files older than 90 days will be hidden for teams on the free subscription.

How will message and file retention work?
Starting from 1st September 2022, workspace owners can adjust retention settings to automatically delete messages and files older than 90 days. Deletion is permanent: deleted messages and files cannot be restored if you upgrade to paid subscription later on, and deleted content won’t be included in a workspace data export.

What subscriptions and features does Slack offer?
Visit to learn more about our subscriptions and compare available features.