Metrigy White Paper: Best Practices for Enabling Secure External Collaboration

Learn why Slack Connect’s out-of-the box team federation offering is a leading choice for usability, risk minimization and policy enforcement

Companies have ramped up their adoption of team collaboration over the last several years to support an increasingly distributed workforce. Realizing the full benefits of team collaboration requires extending it to partners, suppliers, and customers to enable shared cross-company workspaces. Doing so safely and securely requires both picking the right federation approach, and the right vendor that can meet security and compliance needs.

In its new report, research and strategic advisory firm Metrigy provides metrics-based guidance, based on data gathered from hundreds of companies, for evaluating and selecting the optimal team collaboration federation approach.

Read the report to discover:

  • The benefits of team collaboration technologies and why email isn’t the answer for working with customers, partners, and vendors
  • How direct federation offers the best approach for ensuring security and compliance and enabling integrations with apps and data
  • Why Slack Connect is recognized as the only secure, out-of-the-box federation offering available today among leading team collaboration applications

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