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New IDC analysis: The value of Slack for the enterprise

This study on the speed and impact of digital transformation reveals how "future of work" concepts became day-to-day realities

The tendency for digital transformation projects to take root within only a portion of a business is so common analysts call the phenomenon “islands of innovation”. These islands may be full of potential but amount to a collection of tactical projects that cannot scale.

Connecting these islands for true digital transformation is a theme running throughout new research from IDC by analyst Gerry Brown. Brown examines this long-simmering issue in depth, examining it anew through the lens of the Covid-19 pandemic. Businesses must operate faster and more strategically than ever, he writes, making it crucial to knit these “islands” together once and for all. And Slack, he continues, can play a role in this effort.

“For enterprises that want to make broad changes to the way they work, an enterprise-wide top-down vision is required. The key question is probably not, ‘Is Slack ready for you?’ but rather, ‘Are you ready for Slack?'”

Download the report to read the full IDC analysis.

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