Automate work and save time with our no-code Workflow Builder

No code? No problem. Get inspired with powerful, real-life ways to automate work with Workflow Builder


    If you’ve ever wondered how to get more done with less, you’re in luck. With Slack’s Workflow Builder tool, nearly 1 million Slack users worldwide are creating time-saving automated workflows without having to write a single line of code.

    Slack’s Workflow Builder lets you streamline processes, eliminate manual errors, reduce context switching‌, and free up valuable human capital to focus on what truly matters: innovation and growth. Best of all, anyone, regardless of their technical background, can deploy it with just a few clicks.

    Join this upcoming webinar to learn more and see Workflow Builder in action. You’ll also hear from Mark Burgess, the CEO of Credit Union 1, about how his company is empowering its employees to automate work in Slack and reach their most productive potential.

    주요 발표자:

    SlackSenior Solutions Marketing ManagerYousaf Sajid
    Credit Union 1CEOMark Burgess
    SlackPartner EngineerKrishna Patel

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