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Deliver exceptional customer service experiences with Slack and Salesforce

Learn how Slack and Salesforce power better, more efficient service organizations


    Did you know that 85% of decision makers say service is expected to contribute a larger share of revenue this year?¹ Additionally, 88% of consumers say their experience is even more important than the product.² Service organizations are turning to AI to meet new challenges and scale their contact center and field service. But it’s hard to know how to best take advantage of new technologies.

    Join us for this webinar, where you will gain insights into how Slack and Salesforce automation, data and AI capabilities can fuel the efficiency of service organizations and help agents provide exceptional customer experiences.

    ¹Salesforce, “The State of Service” 2024 report
    ²Salesforce, “State of the Connected Customer” report

    주요 발표자:

    SlackRVP, SalesZach Zakharyayev
    Salesforce Product Management DirectorRuchi Kumar

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