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Make efficient, data-driven marketing decisions as a team

Learn to propel data-informed action with meaningful marketing insights delivered in your flow of work


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Between heightened customer expectations and accelerating AI innovation, marketers know the importance of unifying their marketing data to gather meaningful insights and meet the demands of the market. But that’s only half of the story. These insights must also be built seamlessly into how and where marketing teams make decisions together so they can take faster, data-informed action.

In this webinar, we will discuss how Slack brings marketing data and insights into the flow of work, helping teams make efficient data-driven campaign decisions together and unlock more value from their marketing technology investments, from launch to optimization. We’ll explore why now is the moment to harness the power of marketing data and insights in the place your team already works; see a demo of how deep integrations with critical tools like Marketing Cloud and Tableau power productive conversations that lead to efficient action; and dive deeper into actionable practices you can incorporate with your teams today in Slack to accelerate team decision-making.

주요 발표자:

SlackCorporate Marketing ManagerAshley Mao
SlackLead, Account SEKathryn Ryan

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