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The state of AI in manufacturing

Join Slack and Salesforce to learn how generative AI can transform manufacturing


    The use of artificial Intelligence in manufacturing is not new, but generative AI is introducing possibilities and outcomes never before seen in the industry. In this webinar, Salesforce and Slack will examine the key possibilities and use cases for generative AI across the entire manufacturing process model.

    We’ll start with a refresher on the different phases of AI technology. Then we’ll provide a glimpse of how top manufacturers are driving results with various types of AI today. Along the way, we’ll demystify the buzzwords and provide practical use cases to help any manufacturer deploy a more successful AI strategy.

    Attendees will also hear how Salesforce and Slack are embedding trusted AI into their products to help manufacturers equip their teams for success. Join us!

    주요 발표자:

    SlackHead of Industry Marketing, Retail & Consumer GoodsDuane Peck
    SalesforceManufacturing Industry AdvisorRyan Moylan

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