Colorful butterflies emerge from a growing plant, symbolizing the emergence of a more inclusive, flexible and connected workforce

20 Slack tips to build a better workplace

Bring more inclusivity, flexibility and connection to your team—no matter where or when you’re working

Research shows that 83% of knowledge workers want to work remotely full- or part-time, and that means we have a genuine opportunity to change working norms—for good and for the better.

Here at Slack, we believe this entails creating a forward-looking workplace that is inclusive, flexible, and rooted in connection. A workplace of diverse teams, supported by equitable practices; where different schedules aren’t just accepted but welcomed; and relationships and trust are nurtured with intention.

Reinventing the way we work will require collective action and many small steps. To give your team a head start, we’ve compiled 20 tried-and-true Slack tips. Each will help you:

  • Foster a more inclusive digital workplace
  • Support a more flexible work schedule
  • Create a more connected workplace

These tips range from little changes to help you manage your time to new avenues for building meaningful relationships outside the traditional office. Good luck on your journey, and remember, we’re all in this together.

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