The Slack handbook for sales teams

How Slack helps you better manage sales pipelines, work with your internal teams and land more deals

Today’s sales reps spend a mere 34% of their time actually selling.

The majority of their days are spent bogged down in administrative tasks, such as logging activities into a CRM or tracking down information on the status of campaigns, projects and other factors that can affect a deal.

This handbook will show you and your sales team how to use Slack to make the most of every opportunity. Work in channels, integrate apps and services you already use, and deploy various Slack features to surface information quickly so reps can spend less time digging through inboxes and arranging meetings and more time on what matters: building relationships with customers and closing deals faster.

Sales teams using Slack experience a 25% increase in potential deals won per year per sales team member.

The Business Value of SlackIDC Research, 2017



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