The Slack handbook for exceptional customer service

Learn how to unlock your service productivity potential with Slack

Justina Leisyte의 일러스트

When there’s uncertainty around financial markets and the economy, customer loyalty is no longer guaranteed. In fact, 60% of service professionals say that customer expectations increased during the pandemic.* Today’s customers expect a certain level of support in order to stay loyal to companies, and agents must meet and exceed those expectations.

With every task, process and interaction, Slack transforms the way service teams work together to drive service efficiency and accelerate case resolution.

In this guide, you’ll learn:

  • How service teams can break silos, embrace flexibility, and automate work to deliver a better experience for customers and agents alike
  • Why world-class service teams are using Slack as their intelligent productivity platform to streamline customer service and resolve issues faster
  • How companies such as Dell Technologies, T-Mobile and Intuit use Slack to improve customer service

* Salesforce, “State of Service,” 5th edition, 2022

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