Transform retail customer service with real-time, white-glove support

With Slack as your productivity platform, you can prioritize key customers, strengthen relationships, improve satisfaction and drive loyalty.

When deciding what brands to choose—and stick with—customers expect a lot. In Salesforce’s “State of the Connected Customer” report, 60% of service professionals say expectations increased over the past two years, 48% of customers say they switch brands for better customer service, and 94% say good customer service makes them more likely to make another purchase.

So how can you exceed shopper expectations and outshine the competition? The short answer is with Slack—a single, virtual space to connect your people, tools, customers and partners for faster, more flexible work.

In this guide, we’ll explore how you can use Slack to enable your service agents to:

  • Provide premium support with a direct line of access to customers
  • Resolve complex issues faster
  • Collect customer feedback easier
  • Connect your service agents to one another

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