Light bulbs with one lit for getting started in Slack

Slack for new users

Learn how to get set up in Slack and start collaborating successfully with your team

Light bulbs with one lit for getting started in Slack

Whether you’re new to Slack or need a refresher on the basics, these webinars are for you.

A phone with the Slack app on it balancing on a shape

What is Slack?

This webinar will teach you how Slack can help you to stay productive and connected in the ever-evolving workplace

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Workshop 101: Learn the basics

Join us for a 60-minute training session with our Customer Success experts to learn Slack fundamentals and participate in guided activities

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Blue and red ball balancing on a board

Slack 102: Getting the most out of Slack

The benefits of moving to broader and deeper usage of Slack

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colorful turning pinwheel

A video guide for new teams

In this Slack demo video, Tylar and Jess will take you through their journeys as a team creator and as a joiner

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Go deeper into your Slack setup with help from these guides.

Interfaz de usuario de Slack en un dispositivo móvil con una mano que representa las cinco mejores formas de usar Slack

Los 5 consejos primordiales para comenzar a usar Slack

Sumérgete en Slack con total confianza usando estos consejos rápidos para comunicarte y trabajar en los canales de Slack.

Slack notification icon

Customize your notifications in Slack

Create alerts for custom keywords, carve out focus time with Do Not Disturb, and more

Icon of channels organized by file folder

How to organize your Slack channels

Best practices for setting up your workspace’s channels

Dos círculos unidos de figuritas de personas simbolizan la conexión entre dos organizaciones a través de Slack Connect

Consejos para trabajar con personas externas a tu empresa en Slack Connect

Así que recibiste una invitación para unirte a un canal de Slack Connect. ¡Te damos la bienvenida! Esto es lo que tienes que hacer a continuación:

Clock icon next to notepad with smile drawing

How to use reminders in Slack

Slack’s reminders feature makes sure nothing slips through the cracks

Stack of wooden blocks representing Slack's Engineering Platform
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16 tips to work smarter with Slack apps and workflows

Learn how to streamline your work day with time-saving tools