Search your company’s internal knowledge base

What’s it handy for?

Wikis are great ways to share knowledge, and sharing that in Slack is a logical next step.

Search your company’s workplace wiki to:

  • Look up reference information without having to bother anyone day or night
  • Share info with others asking for help
  • See if your company already has a policy before asking for one

internal slack post about company benefits

Before you get started

Sign up for Guru and use it to create cards/pages for every aspect of your business. Then install the Guru app to connect your knowledge base with Slack.

How to search your company’s internal wiki

  1. Use the Shortcut menu to select Guru or use a slash command to search for a term, like /guru retirement matching. You can use this command in any channel or direct message

Guru slash command in Slack

  1. Look through the results and click expand to learn more
    Company internal wiki for retirement matching

  2. Click Post to Channel to share it with your colleagues in a channel
    Wiki on retirement matching in Guru

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