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How Peloton guru Tunde Oyeneyin stays balanced and productive, on and off the bike

The superstar cycling instructor answers our burning questions about everything from self-confidence to sweatpants

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With so many people turning to digital home workouts during the Covid-19 pandemic, some elite fitness gurus have suddenly become household names. Peloton instructor Tunde Oyeneyin is one such icon. From helping cyclists feel empowered on and off their bikes to spurring new digital communities (at Slack, our #pelotonians social channel is buzzing), experts like Tunde are leading the way in the new and growing field of connected fitness.

We caught up with Tunde to chat about a wide range of hot topics, including the details of her daily routine, how she uses technology such as Slack to maintain work-life balance and what she thinks her life might look like post-pandemic.

Confidence and motivation

Slack: You’re known for encouraging your followers to push themselves mentally and physically. What advice do you give yourself to do the same?

Tunde Oyeneyin: I remind myself that most things that are worth having are challenging—whether it’s a fitness goal, relationship or job/career path—and that’s what keeps my head in the game.

You’ve talked about how beauty and fitness both speak to your desire to positively impact the way people feel about themselves. Do you have any advice for how people can overcome “imposter syndrome” in order to be their most genuine, best selves?

I think confidence is a skill not a trait. It’s not something you’re born with or without, it’s something you have to work on every day. Some days you will excel at it, and some days you will question it. Once you allow yourself to acknowledge and recognize that and imposter syndrome sets in, you can recognize it for what it is. It’s just a feeling that will pass.

Staying productive and focused

What apps or gadgets do you personally rely on to stay connected and productive every day?

Slack helps me stay organized with my management and team members. In this pandemic, it has really been a staple for me.

Between teaching classes and working on your project, SPEAK, your calendar must be packed. How do you maintain work-life balance?

Maintaining a work-life balance is really a work in progress for me. I think many people have found themselves busier than usual working at home, and their work-life balance has been challenged more than ever. Utilizing resources and tools such as Slack is really beginning to afford me the opportunity to home in on a balance between work and life.

Facing the future

Your classes have helped so many people stay active at home. What do you see for the future of fitness in this new digital-first world?

I don’t think connected fitness is going anywhere. The pandemic has really shown people that you are able to stay connected with your friends even while staying at home. Technology has helped me stay in touch with more people during the pandemic.

Do you think the rising popularity of “athleisure” will impact the future of workplace fashion?

Absolutely. If it doesn’t have a drawstring, I don’t know if I can do it. Being comfortable is the new little black dress.

Summer is just around the corner! Where will you travel to first when you can, and do you have any tips for the season ahead?

It’s going to be hard to keep me in one place. I have a feeling I will be on a plane more often than not. If there’s a beach, sign me up, I’m there!

Some favorite things

What is the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning?

I sing to my dog, Cesar, and rub his belly every morning. It’s his favorite part of the day, and it keeps me grounded. I then meditate, and Cesar and I go out on our morning walk shortly after.

Your bright red lipstick still looks so good after an intense workout! If you were creating a new lipstick color, what would you call it and why?

I would call it Red because it needs no explanation. It’s just red, baby!

Lightning round!

Finally, we sourced some quick questions for Tunde from our #pelotonians channel and community.

Favorite pre-workout “hype” song that gets you energized?

Pretty much anything Beyoncé or Missy Elliott.

Number one self-care tip?

Say no, because every time you say no, it opens space for another yes in your life.

Favorite emoji to use in Slack?

Fire symbol (🔥)

What’s one thing about being a cycling instructor that’s surprised you?

The ability to connect with people by virtue of sweat.

Thank you, Tunde, for spending some time with us and for making Slack such a productive part of your daily routine.

For more on Tunde, check out SPEAK, her Instagram Live series. And of course, you can find Tunde’s upcoming schedule and join her cycling classes on Peloton.

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