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Reimagining the service tech stack

A conversation with Forrester and Deloitte on the new tools and tactics powering today’s most effective customer service teams

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Like so many teams, customer service organizations have had to shift to digital-first ways of working over the past two years. How has that impacted their ability to resolve customers’ issues? What new technologies and processes are they adopting to collaborate more effectively? And how are these changes impacting the day-to-day experience for both agents and customers?

In this fireside chat, Slack’s director of solutions marketing, Felicity Blance, will be joined by guests Kate Leggett, a vice president and principal analyst at Forrester Research, and Andy Haas, the general manager of TrueServe at Deloitte Digital, to discuss trends in digital-first customer service and how support teams are increasingly adopting collaborative solutions like Slack to improve key metrics like case resolution, agent retention and customer satisfaction.

Relatori in primo piano:

Felicity BlanceSolutions Marketing Director, Slack
Andy HaasGeneral Manager, Digital Contact Center and TrueServe™, Deloitte
Kate LeggetVP and Principal Analyst, Forrester Research

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