Slack 101: How to use Slack

このウェビナーの対象者 :

  • 初めて Slack を使うユーザー

Join us for a 40-minute session with 3 of our Customer Experience experts who will provide a demo of a Slack workspace.

During this session, our Customer Experience experts will cover:

  • What is a workspace and how is it used
  • How to set-up your Slack workspace (create a channel, invite members, determine permissions)
  • How to integrate apps & integrations
  • Use the Search function within Slack
  • Customize notifications
  • Learn how the storage specifications apply to the workspace

During this webinar, you will have access to a Q&A pod where you can ask your questions and receive answers from our agents in real-time. We look forward to meeting you!

注目のスピーカー :

SlackCustomer Experience AgentKarleigh Dowell
SlackCustomer Experience AgentTameeka Cromwell
SlackSr. Customer Experience AgentDee O’Neill