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Skype alternatives for financial services

Simplify operations, increase transparency and build solutions faster with Slack

Financial institutions have been undergoing a digital transformation for the past decade. As with any change in a heavily regulated industry, it’s a battle to put the customer experience first while meeting industry regulations and data privacy standards.

With Skype for Business Online sunsetting on July 31, this is the perfect opportunity to switch to Slack, a collaboration platform that supports your existing digitization efforts and scales them across the whole organization. Slack integrates with your preferred tools, centralizing your employees’ work in one place. And with Slack’s intelligent search, your team is up to date and has access to any shared files, speeding up the time needed to improve banking products and offerings.

Download this guide to learn how Slack can become central to your digital transformation process by simplifying operations, increasing transparency and building solutions faster, with everyone on board.

“We believe that to become the No. 1 bank, we need to be the No. 1 tech team. To deliver on the expectations of our clients, we need to give our employees access to the best tools, and Slack is one of them.”

Martin Wildberger, Executive Vice President of Innovation and Technology, RBC

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