The Content Creation and Distribution Playbook

Learn how media organizations can gain a competitive edge, create quality content faster, and boost productivity with Slack

Today’s media organizations have found themselves cast as lead players in a high-stakes drama that begs the question, “Who will survive in this new high-pressure media environment, and how?” An ever-widening pool of competition, a demand from investors to increase profitability, and the need to create a high volume of compelling content is changing the “path to success,” and forcing organizations to adapt to a whole new way of doing business.

The economic outlook is uncertain, and media companies are having to do more with less– and in less time.

Slack has the ability to automate routine work, integrate information systems, and connect teams and partners enabling organizations to improve the content journey end to end.

Download this e-book to learn more on how Slack can replace things like endless meetings, email threads, siloed information and disconnected teams with an entirely new approach to getting things done.

You’ll also learn how Hearst uses Slack to accelerate work, as well as connect and engage everyone throughout the entire content creation process.

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