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Unlocking collaboration: Making software work better together

A new IDC Market Spotlight sponsored by Box, Okta, Slack and Zoom examines the trends driving remote collaboration

In response to the Covid-19 pandemic, over 79% of CEOs support moving more applications to the cloud to provide better business resiliency, according a new IDC Market Spotlight commissioned by Box, Okta, Slack and Zoom.

While adopting new tools to make remote work easier certainly helps workers, adjusting to the new normal presents critical security concerns for organizations. Organizations must choose tools that power collaboration while allowing employees and external partners to work from anywhere and from any device without compromising security.

The IDC Market Spotlight found that organizations are adapting to these rapid changes by taking a best-of-breed approach—adopting the best tools for the task at hand rather than depending on a single suite of software. Ultimately:

  • Companies enjoy a mean productivity increase of 37% when three or more applications are integrated
  • Organizations with six or more integrated applications see a 75% increase in productivity

Download the full IDC Market Spotlight to explore these insights and learn how a new generation of tools can help your teams unlock seamless collaboration.

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