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3 ways Rochester Electronics sparks sales productivity with Slack

Learn how the global semiconductor company is using Slack and Sales Cloud to revolutionize its sales operations


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In today’s business environment, staying ahead of the competition and driving revenue growth means empowering sales teams to operate like well-oiled machines, with real-time, actionable insights at their fingertips. But sales teams often get bogged down by siloed tools and conversations, tedious administrative work, and inefficient processes that create complexity and limit visibility, ultimately affecting their performance.

Join us for an exciting webinar to discover how global supplier Rochester Electronics, the world’s largest source of semiconductors, is overcoming these challenges. Learn how it is unifying its tools, energizing and automating operations, and improving deal collaboration and visibility with the latest innovations from Slack and Sales Cloud.

Rednerinnen und Redner:

Lauren AntoneProduct Marketing Manager, Slack
Colin StrotherExecutive Vice President, Global Sales, Marketing, Supplier Development, Product and Technology, Supply Chain, Operations, and Business Applications, Rochester Electronics
Laura AparicioSenior Success Guide, Slack

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