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Good communication in a digital world

Learn how better communication means better performance for you and your team

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Workplace communication isn’t easy, and when all or most of your employees are working remotely it can be even harder. Communication failures can run the gamut, from misunderstanding organizational hierarchy and unclear roles and responsibilities to too many communication channels or even disagreeing over the most effective ways to communicate as a team.

There’s good news: You can improve communication by learning new techniques! Join this webinar to learn how to help get everyone aligned in a digital HQ and make sure that no information is lost. Learn how good workplace communication in a digital HQ can help improve teamwork and collaboration, mitigate conflicts by reducing the chances of a misunderstanding and provide emotional support for every team member.

Ponentes destacados:

Jade HanleyEmployee Learning & Development Manager, Slack
Jay Van BavelAssociate Professor of Psychology and Neural Science, New York University