Get more done with Slack apps and workflows

Learn about how to maximize your time, streamline collaboration, and boost team connection in Slack

Customize Slack to fit the way you work. With all your tools in one place, you’re in control. Choose when and how you get updates, respond to approvals, connect with teammates and more.

Clock Icon  Take action in your tools without leaving Slack

  • Focus on what’s important and urgent instead of hunting down the right information and updates.
  • Connect your tools in Slack to get notifications and take action without context switching.
  • Spin up a Zoom call, schedule an event in a Google or Outlook calendar, stay updated on Salesforce leads—all in Slack.

Learn how to maximize your time with Slack

[animation video="" interactive="" poster="" description="Integrate Asana into Slack" /] [quote quote="“I’m not always checking Asana, so when I see that notification in Slack, it means I have something to review. I constantly have too many tabs open, so I love that I have one less platform to visit.”" source="Margo Connolly" title="Senior Marketing Coordinator" company="Dow Jones" cta_text="" cta_url="" image="" alt="" /]

Paper airplane representing send a message to Slack sales team   Simplify and streamline collaboration

  • Share status updates and next steps in channels, saving meetings for deeper discussion.
  • Easily access and share information between Slack and your tools, ensuring that everyone has the same context as your project evolves.
  • Make informed decisions by gathering ideas and feedback from internal experts, so everyone stays in sync as work moves forward.

Learn how to streamline collaboration in Slack

[animation video="" interactive="" poster="" description="Gather feedback with Workflow Builder" /] [quote quote="Our team uses Slack to bring in cross-functional partners, such as product or market operations, who we work with to implement shopper feedback as quickly as possible. Workflow Builder has been a huge timesaver for us." source="Jake Shackelford" title="Operations Lead" company="Shipt" cta_text="" cta_url="" image="" alt="" /]

Hands high fiving representing partners  Boost connections across your team

  • Get to know your team, from peers to senior leadership, by creating lightweight, engaging social programs in Slack.
  • Celebrate good work in Slack, build a culture of recognition and make each member of your team feel valued. 
  • Set aside time for the team to connect on an ongoing basis, from conducting team sentiment surveys to engaging in icebreakers.

Learn how to boost connection in Slack 

[animation video="" interactive="" poster="" description="Automatically get connected to new teammates" /] [quote quote="“Thanks to Donut, we’ve started erasing the potentially divisive lines between teams and departments and have kept people connected, despite the challenges that come with expanding around the world.”" source="Ellen Liu" title="Software Engineer" company="PagerDuty" cta_text="" cta_url="" image="" alt="" /]

See how Slack pros stay productive

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