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How to transform customer service with a digital HQ

Learn how top service teams are resolving issues faster and providing a better experience for agents and customers with Slack as their digital HQ

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  • Team di assistenza clienti

Modern customer service teams face a variety of challenges—from information silos to communication breakdowns to agent attrition—that have grown only more complex with the shift to remote work. As they look to the future, how can companies embrace new ways of working to ensure that customer issues get resolved quickly, while service agents stay supported and motivated?

In this webinar, Slack’s director of solutions marketing, Felicity Blance, will introduce you to the digital HQ and how it’s transforming collaboration and productivity for today’s most successful service teams. She’ll also be joined by John Morrison, director of collaboration and productivity at T-Mobile, to share specific tips for optimizing your digital HQ to power better experiences for customers and service agents alike.

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Felicity BlanceSolutions Marketing Director, Slack
John MorrisonDirector, Collaboration and Productivity, T-Mobile
Tamara JensenPrincipal Technical Product Manager, T-Mobile

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