Calculate the value of Slack for your service team

Get a free, high-level estimate of the potential economic impact of Slack on your team

Are you a service leader looking to maximize the impact of your teams? Look no further than Slack, the intelligent productivity platform. Slack is designed to enhance overall productivity by seamlessly integrating with all your favorite applications and automating manual tasks.

With Slack, service teams are resolving support requests faster, improving customer relationships, and automating tedious, repetitive tasks.

To measure the value Slack has brought to its customers, we commissioned Forrester Consulting, a trusted market research firm, to evaluate the potential costs, benefits and ROI of Slack. The findings can be found in the 2023 study “The Total Economic Impact(™) of Slack for Service Teams.” You can also calculate a high-level estimate of the economic impact of Slack on your team.

Click below to access our free ROI calculator.

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