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CCS Insight Report: Six steps to making remote working work for your business

Moving from crisis response to long-term strategy.

How do you transform remote work from a crisis response into a long-term strategy?

Nearly overnight, remote work went from an employee perk to a business imperative. The coronavirus pandemic challenged IT teams worldwide to rapidly deploy work-from-home solutions. Many rose to the occasion by expanding network capacity, adopting new tools, and setting new norms for communication.

These challenging decisions also offer an opportunity for businesses to lay the groundwork for new, more nimble ways of working. In its latest report, “Six Steps to Making Remote Working Work for Your Business,” market-intelligence and advisory firm CCS Insight outlines strategies for IT leaders to move from providing temporary systems to transformative solutions. The report dives deep into Slack’s own remote work experience to tease out practical tips and real-world examples.

Download the report to answer questions such as:

  • What are the biggest obstacles to workplace productivity, and which solutions can help address them?
  • Outside of the office, how can I create a central, collaborative place to get work done?
  • How can I make employees’ lives easier with automated workstreams?
  • And most important, how can businesses use these trying times to lay the groundwork for long-term digital transformation?

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