The value of collaborative tech in consumer goods

The value of collaborative tech in consumer goods

Organizations rated their ability to collaborate using tech. See where they found room for improvement.

New consumer behaviors and expectations have forced professionals in the consumer goods industry to rethink how they collaborate and communicate. With overly complex tech stacks, less-than-enthusiastic uptake, and security concerns, companies must act strategically to ensure that their technology enables, rather than hinders, a culture of collaboration.

Research conducted for our e-book “The State of Collaboration Technologies in Consumer Goods” reveals insight into the biggest opportunities and obstacles for companies looking to create such a culture. They include:

  • Just 6% of respondents described their company’s ability to collaborate as “excellent.”
  • Collaboration is “very” or “extremely” important to team success for 97% of CGs.
  • Lack of knowledge about using collaboration technologies is the biggest obstacle for CGs.

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