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Slack is now available in Korean

A fully localized experience that works the way our Korean-speaking customers do

Slack 팀이 작성2020년 10월 7일

Over the past few years we’ve been on a journey to make Slack accessible to more teams around the world. Slack is already available in six languages, along with two dialects, and now, Slack is available in Korean too.

We’ve already seen a number of companies in Korea find value in Slack’s product in English. With the localization of Slack in Korean, even more people in Korea and across the world can use Slack to move projects forward in the language they prefer.

Setting your language to Korean

To change your language, open “Preferences” in the top left corner of Slack, then click on “Language & Region” to select Korean. If you’re using Slack on mobile, you can access language settings by tapping the “You” tab at the bottom of your screen and selecting the “Preferences” menu.

Slack language settings on mobile

Workspace admins are also able to set a default language across their entire organization. This means an admin of a Korean company can set the parts of Slack visible to everyone—like Slackbot messages or workspace invitations—to Korean, while allowing multilingual workers to access the rest of Slack in the language they prefer.

The Slack desktop app localized into Korean

A Korean-friendly experience, through and through

Once you’ve set your language to Korean, the entire product experience should feel familiar—everything from the words you see in-product to the way you expect message input to work in Korean. And if you have questions along the way, our translated Help Center is here to help you along (Korean-speaking Customer Experience support for paid plans is coming soon too).

Having trouble changing your language to Korean? Leave us a note on Twitter or through

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