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How AI is changing the future of work: a conversation with expert academics

AI is here, and work will never be the same. Join Slack in conversation with leading AI researchers to discuss the future of work in the age of AI


    Slack’s Workforce Lab is bringing together world-class experts for a candid conversation about how AI is changing how we work. See the latest findings from professors at MIT, Northwestern and Stanford and hear their take on how AI will affect the global workforce over the next five years.

    주요 발표자:

    SlackSr. VP, Research and Analytics and Head of Workforce LabChristina Janzer
    Stanford UniversityProfessor of Computer Science, Co-Founder and Associate Director of Stanford Institute for Human-Centered AIJames Landay, PhD
    Northwestern UniversityProfessor of Mechanical Engineering, Communication Studies, and Computer ScienceElizabeth Gerber, PhD
    MITProfessor of EconomicsDavid Autor, PhD

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