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How Slack moves collaborative research forward

Hear from professional researchers in higher ed and tech about how they use channel-based communication to drive innovative discoveries in their field

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Learn how Slack is better connecting research institutions via channel-based communication. Hear from Stanford University, the University of Southern California and Slack’s own in-house research team about how they are collaborating on their projects in channels. Bring your questions to our Q&A session, where we’ll talk more about specific use cases and best practices that help researchers thrive.

주요 발표자:

Slack Higher Education & Non ProfitSr. Success ManagerLindsey Whitlock
SlackSenior Director, Survey Science and QuantitativeLucas Puente
SlackSr. VP, User Interface & User ExperienceChristina Janzer
University of Southern CaliforniaAssociate Professor of Electrical and Computer EngineeringRehan Kapadia
Stanford UniversitySocial science research professionalPranaya Venkatapuram

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