Choosing the right collaboration software

The best tools can help increase your team’s agility and spur innovation. These eight questions will help IT leaders find the perfect fit

The next big leap for enterprise collaboration

Software has transformed every business discipline.

But the crucial discipline of collaboration— the ways we work together to get things done—is stuck in a rut.

After the initial strides made by email, conferencing and chat apps, progress in collaboration has plateaued. We’ve got lots more apps to help us, but our work is far more fragmented and high-friction than ever before. And it’s clogging up work across the business world.

It’s a big problem but it’s an even bigger opportunity. Since collaboration is a fundamental part of almost every job and process, improving it delivers real productivity gains across the whole enterprise.

For companies trying to increase agility, better collaboration has become an urgent priority—a way to reduce the organizational drag that kills innovation and responsiveness.

That’s what this guide is all about: helping you choose a collaboration hub that helps streamline, automate and accelerate the common activities we all do every day. Tasks like sharing information, swarming around an issue, building consensus, progressing workflows, communicating, updating, alerting, reporting, searching…

As an IT leader, you’re in a unique position to drive this change, improving work across the whole business.

No one else sees software use across the entire enterprise. No one better understands the potential locked up in existing software investments. And no one else can drive the move to centralizing collaboration in order to improve work for everyone.