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The Workforce Index: Slack researchers share the top AI trends at work

Slack's Workforce Lab share the top AI trends from a new survey of more than 10,000 desk workers around the globe


    Using AI tools at work is associated with a host of positive outcomes, from improved productivity to higher employee satisfaction. But a new global survey of desk workers by the Workforce Lab at Slack, a Salesforce company, finds that executive urgency to incorporate AI is far outpacing its use among employees. Despite productivity-boosting benefits of using AI at work, the survey shows that two-thirds of desk workers have still not tried AI tools and 93% do not consider AI outputs completely trustworthy for work-related tasks.

    Tune in to see how AI use among the global workforce has shifted in the past three months and hear tips and tricks for readying your teams for the AI revolution.

    Ponentes destacados:

    Christina JanzerSr. VP, Research and Analytics and Head of Workforce Lab, Slack
    Lucas PuenteVP, Research, Slack
    Rob LaraTechnical Director, ManTech

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