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Reinventing work in marketing

How marketing teams are using Slack to stay productive and go to market faster

Marketing in a digital era

The societal upheavals that began in 2020 will have a long-term effect on the way we work. Changing the way we previously collaborated created an opportunity for every organization to find a better way of working—one that marries efficient and hybrid-friendly ways of communicating, managing teams and overseeing operations developed during the work-from-home period with tried-and-true processes that perform best for respective teams.

For marketing leaders, this sea change means having to rapidly respond to evolving customer needs and behaviors online. It also means figuring out new ways to cultivate relationships with cross-functional partners and external vendors in an ever-pervasive hybrid environment.

In this new normal that caters to people working outside of the office and in multiple time zones, many marketers have found success by bringing everything together in a digital HQ. Having a single platform that brings together teams, tools and processes gives everyone the flexibility to choose where, when and how they work best. That means better collaboration and innovation so marketers can go to market, grow brands and convert activities into revenue more efficiently.

Five themes dominate the work-from-anywhere world

We’ve talked to business leaders across industries and countries about what comes next. Five big themes emerged from our discussions (explored in our e-book “Reinventing Work”)—and they apply to just about every organization:

  1. Employee engagement needs a digital-first makeover
  2. Alignment matters now more than ever
  3. The ecosystem economy demands a new partner playbook
  4. Customer-led disruption forces the CX convergence
  5. The winners are accelerating work through automation

In this guide, we’ll explore what these themes mean for marketing leaders and show how organizations at some of the world’s most successful companies are adopting Slack as their digital HQ.

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