Automate everyday tasks inside and outside of Slack

このウェビナーの対象者 :

  • 開発者
  • 誰でも
  • オーナーと管理者
  • Slack アンバサダー
  • Slack ユーザー

In just a few clicks, anyone can turn routine processes into automated workflows. Stay focused on your most important work while Slack handles the tedium of your day-to-day and keeps your other tools in sync.

In this session, you’ll learn the basics of workflow automation, including ways to connect your other tools and services supported by Zapier. We’ll share a few helpful examples and teach you how to build our most popular workflows, step-by-step. Plus we’ll leave tons of time for Q&A.

This is webinar is for intermediate users.  We suggest you watch our beginner level webinar, Save time and automate your work in Slack, before attending.

注目のスピーカー :

SlackSr. Product Marketing ManagerMelissa Greco
ZapierSenior Software EngineerRobert Lewis