Explore enterprise-grade security at Slack

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  • オーナーと管理者
  • セキュリティ責任者
  • テクノロジー担当者

We built Slack to meet the strictest security and compliance requirements. Enterprise-grade security is built into every aspect of how users collaborate and get work done in Slack.

In this webinar, learn how we strive to make sure cybersecurity risks never threaten your business. Plus get a sneak peek at what’s on the roadmap. In addition, David Patton, CIO of Investment Banking & Capital Markets, at Credit Suisse will join us to share his top security priorities and how Credit Suisse is using Slack to keep teams connected during the pandemic.

For more information, check out Slack’s Security page, along with our downloadable white-paper.

注目のスピーカー :

SlackSr. Product Marketing ManagerBryan Fong
SlackInterim Chief Security OfficerLarkin Ryder
SlackSenior Security EngineerErin Browning
Credit SuisseCIO, Investment Banking Capital MarketsDavid Patton