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Resolve issues faster

From wireless woes to tricky tickets, Slack is your IT toolbox

Slack is a collaboration hub where the right people and the right information come together in organized, searchable channels. Provide faster support and keep users up to date with your tools and team in one place.

A sample message on Slack. announce-it
Sam Gordon Heads up — conference rooms on the 5th floor are getting new video conference equipment this week.
Steve Young I was wondering what was going on in there! Can’t wait.

Provide company-wide collaborative support

Support urgent and routine issues from a centralized location. Field requests directly through Slack or integrate your helpdesk software so you can assist users — and each other — where everyone is already working.

Slack application showing a channel discussion.

Keep everyone informed

Increase transparency and decrease “what’s going on?” emails by announcing updates and outages through Slack. Create a central location for IT resources and help users solve minor but disruptive issues on their own.

Monitor and react with app integrations

App integrations turn Slack into your central command, giving you visibility into technical problems and helping your team work towards resolutions.

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Collaborate on tickets to resolve issues faster

Automatically post new tickets in channels. Keep tabs on ticket status and talk resolutions without leaving Slack.

ZENDESK APP New ticket from Randall: Ticket #86753
Wireless mouse won’t pair
Hi. I’m trying to connect my wireless mouse to my new work computer but it keeps connecting to someone else’s.
Cynthia Thomson Hmm. This has been happening a lot lately. Anyone have a good fix?
Lee Hao I have an idea that could work!
Zendesk Jira Freshdesk Front
Common knowledge from a slash command

Keep information organized and accessible, ready when you or your users need it.

Noelle Kelly /guru wireless password
Guru APP The work network is AcmeNet and the password is BigAnvil
Guru Paperbot Tettra Spoke
Be good hosts

Notify users when guests arrive or keep track of building guests in any channel.

Envoy APP John McMall is here to see you! Come say hi.
Your Full Name
John McMall
Your Email Address
Winnie Le
Purpose of Visit
Envoy Welkio Sign In App Lobbipad
Build your own time-saving integrations

Automatically move information in and out of Slack with simple, no-code automated actions.

VendorReceiptBot APP You received a new email to Attachment has been added to Dropbox. View Attachment >
Zapier Workato Missions IFTTT

Better service through structured channels

Organized and well-named channels make it easier for your users and team to request and provide support. Here are some examples of the channel naming conventions useful for IT teams:

#help-it, #ask-it —
an open channel for requesting help from IT (and seeing if a question has been answered before)

#nyc-help-it, #kcmo-announce-it —
location-specific channels for fielding support or broadcasting announcements about updates or outages

#it-infrastructure, #it-desk —
operations-related discussions for specific functions within your IT team

#it-team —
general discussion between IT team members

Make an impact on your IT efficiency

Organized, collaborative conversations help you focus on getting work done

  • 32%

    Less email

  • 23%

    Fewer meetings

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