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IT teams turbocharge remote work with Atlassian and Slack

Learn how software engineers can leverage the suite of Atlassian apps for Slack during our free virtual Frontiers conference from October 7 to 9

Autor: Lauren Johnson29. September 2020

When it comes to adapting to the realities of remote work, IT and software development teams are on the front lines for organizations around the world. Developers and software engineers must work to ensure that all systems are optimal—both for the customers and internal teams.

With the suite of Atlassian apps for Slack, teams can overcome common obstacles of remote work in Slack channels, a single digital space to share messages and files. At our virtual Slack Frontiers 2020, we’ll explore how Slack and Atlassian are teaming up to power productivity in the remote workplace. Participants will also get a preview of new features in store for Slack and Atlassian customers.

The Jira Cloud app for Slack keeps projects on track

The Jira Cloud app for Slack provides robust workflows and project tracking. With hundreds of thousands of teams using the integration, including Datadog, New Relic, SoFi, InVision, Arizona State University (ASU) and News Corporation, this tool is Atlassian’s most-popular Slack integration.

The Jira Cloud app helps teams track project status updates without leaving Slack. Just connect a project to your channel and @jira will automatically preview Jira issues when it’s mentioned. You can also attach messages to Jira Cloud issues, allowing you to organize conversations and view them directly within Jira Cloud.

steve goldsmith atlassian slack frontiers 2020

“Creating Jira tickets and tracking projects in Slack helps address some common developer challenges like context switching.”

Steve GoldsmithHead of product integrations, Atlassian

“Being able to tailor notifications helps developers stay on track and not get distracted by irrelevant noise,” says Steve Goldsmith, head of product integrations at Atlassian.

The remote help desk is in with Halp for Slack

Widespread work-from-home requirements have radically changed most in-person IT help desks. But thanks to channel-based communication, IT teams are developing new strategies for contactless laptop delivery, increased VPN usage and triaging urgent requests.

The Halp app for Slack brings the help desk right to your fingertips. This conversational ticketing system allows teammates to respond to employee requests directly from Slack without needing a separate interface.

With Halp, teammates use a simple emoji reaction to turn any Slack message into a ticket that can be managed and reported on. Tickets can also be created using a slash command.

Customizable forms help the IT team keep requests categorized and orderly. Tickets can also be automatically routed to Facilities, DevOps, SalesOps or any other relevant team.

“When other departments have requests for IT teams, it’s easy to turn a Slack channel into an organized way to track requests with Halp,” says Goldsmith. “With Halp Answers, it’s simple to answer commonly asked questions automatically, freeing up developers to spend more time building the product and improving infrastructure.”

Because applications like Halp integrate directly into Slack channels, it’s easy to convert a Slack conversation into a ticket, eliminating communication barriers, context switching and dropped requests.

Slack channels keep remote DevOps teams in sync

Without the traditional office, a lot of remote work these days is asynchronous. That means teammates are clocking in to work and responding to messages and queries at different times. Slack channels help IT teams organize conversations and workflows.

patrick hill atlassian slack frontiers 2020

“Working in Slack channels removes the frustrating effect of desk stop-and-chats. Channels help teammates stay informed and contribute to decision making, in their own time.”

Patrick HillHead of reliability process, Atlassian

The Atlassian team emphasizes how Slack features like emoji reactions and the Giphy integration help remote IT teams communicate in a way that feels more natural.

“Slack is a reigning powerhouse that’s proven to be an engaging and fun-to-use tool for team communication,” says Patrick Hill, head of reliability process at Atlassian.

Learn more about Atlassian and Slack during Slack Frontiers 2020

We’re excited to announce that Steve Goldsmith and Patrick Hill will speak at Slack Frontiers, our biggest annual conference dedicated to distributed teams, new ways of working and everything digital transformation. Join virtually from October 7 to 9 for inspiring keynotes, breakout sessions, peer networking and one-on-one access to Slack experts—all free of charge:

  • Join Hill as he discusses the latest trends and best practices for shortening development times while shipping high-quality code in the session “Optimize the dev lifecycle: Insights from DevOps experts.”
  • And don’t miss Goldsmith during the session “Slack’s vision for the event-driven enterprise.” He’ll be joined by Cal Henderson, co-founder and chief technology officer at Slack, and Steve Wood, vice president of product, developer platform at Slack, to discuss exclusive product updates designed to support developers as they build integrations for businesses operating in real time.

As a global event, the same Slack Frontiers agenda schedule runs across three time zones, so you can attend sessions when it’s most convenient for you. Join virtually from October 7 to 9 for inspiring keynotes, breakout sessions, peer networking and one-on-one access to Slack experts. Register for free today.

We’re also offering eligible Atlassian teams 50% off new Slack paid plans for a limited time. Learn more and take advantage of this offer.

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