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Explore many ways you can partner with Slack to build custom apps for your team's unique needs

Just like no two businesses run the same, no two digital HQs are alike. That’s why thousands of customers like Target and Nutanix build custom apps that improve their team’s unique processes — from approving requests, triaging issues, and more.

However, not everyone has the time or resources internally for custom app development. With the Accelerator Apps program, you can enlist the help of technical experts from Slack to bring tried and trusted custom apps to your organization. Read on for six ways you can partner with us to get more out of Slack.

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1. Request Bot: Simplify Slack admin tasks

Request Bot demo


For Slack admins, everyday tasks can get complex, quickly. Routine workflows that take just a few clicks—such as creating a new workspace or granting guest access—become repetitive and time-consuming. 

Request Bot adds structure to your Slack admin workflow, simplifying how users request help and Slack admins track, manage, and resolve incoming requests. The app automatically takes care of repetitive admin tasks, like channel updates, member invites, and Slackbot responses. Any request that requires additional inputs from a Slack admin gets routed to a channel, where it can be quickly reviewed and resolved in a few clicks.  

By streamlining incoming requests, your Slack admins can:

  • Manage Slack administration at scale without sacrificing control
  • Establish a system for seamlessly triaging and resolving requests together
  • Automate routine tasks, leaving time for more complex issues

2. On Behalf Bot: Streamline internal announcements

On Behalf Bot demo


Org-wide announcements help drive alignment and transparency with employees. However, executives don’t always have time to collaborate with internal comms teams to craft messaging, create distribution lists, and measure engagement. 

On Behalf Bot equips internal comms or executive assistants with the tools they need to easily post or schedule Slack messages on behalf of an executive or a group of executives. There’s no need to compile various email distribution lists—each announcement is streamlined in a Slack channel, where you can see reactions, measure engagement, and create a searchable archive of announcements.

By automating exec announcements, your internal comms and executive assistant team can:

  • Save time on coordination by posting messages on an exec’s behalf
  • Streamline engagement by posting a message in an announcement channel

3. Success Bot: Communicate with customers at scale

Success Bot demo


Sales and customer success teams are often tasked with communicating a slew of updates to their customers—product best practices, upcoming release notes, relevant marketing resources, and more. Planning and sending these updates take time and manual and effort, especially when you have hundreds of customers to support. 

Success Bot scales your customer communications in Slack, empowering your team to send messages across hundreds of Slack Connect channels at once and make Slack core to your customer communication strategy. Integrated with your company’s CRM, you can segment your audience for each message, track engagement over time. 

By automatically sending messages directly to customers, your sales and success teams can:

  • Save time on planning and sending communications to customers
  • Share a steady stream of updates to spark customer engagement and conversation
  • Add polish and consistency to your messages by publishing a single message at scale

4. Data Shield Bot: Share sensitive data securely in Slack

Data Shield demo


For teams who work with sensitive information or data, it’s challenging to communicate effectively, especially when operating in time-sensitive environments. When faced with restrictive policies, users often resort to using unsanctioned tools to get work done faster.

Data Shield Bot provides a simple and secure way for users to share shielded messages in Slack. Only designated users and admins are allowed to reveal a shielded message, which will automatically expire after a set time period. 

By giving users a secure way to share sensitive data in Slack, your security teams can:

  • Empower teams to work quickly and securely in time-sensitive situations, like incidents
  • Reduce leaked sensitive data by using security filters and message expiration
  • Maintain visibility into data sharing by limiting use of unsanctioned tools

5. Triage Bot: Resolve issues faster

Triage Bot demo


It’s all hands on deck when there’s a complex, high-priority issue. With multiple teams tackling interdependent issues, requests can get lost in the shuffle and breach SLAs.

Triage Bot allows the right people to quickly come together to triage and resolve common issues. By centralizing and standardizing support flows across multiple teams, everyone can stay in lockstep and ensure SLAs are met.

By streamlining triage flows, your support teams can:

  • Increase rep productivity by automating repetitive, administrative tasks
  • Decrease the number of SLA breaches
  • Reduce repetitive requests by using channels to create a rich archive of resolved issues

6. Program and Events Bot: Build employee connections

Program and Events Bot demo


Whether you’re a new hire or a seasoned employee, you’re not alone in feeling out of touch with the people you work with—especially in a remote or hybrid work environment. Internal events can be a powerful way to build connections in your organization but can be time-intensive to track, maintain, and administer.

Programs and Events Bot takes the guesswork out of building connections with your teammates and helps you create ongoing digital and in-person social programs for diversity and inclusion initiatives, virtual conferences, internal trainings, and more. 

The Slack app handles the manual coordination of these programs by automatically setting up private channels for small group engagement, simplifying event registrations in Slack, and scheduling daily discussion prompts. With a built-in rewards system around participation points, you can add gamification to your program and encourage employee engagement over time.

By automating the coordination of internal programs and events, employees can: 

  • Benefit to employees: Increase employee engagement and build a sense of community and belonging
  • Benefit to employer: Save time and reduce effort required to administer internal events
  • Analyze program engagement to optimize future programs

7. Social Media Bot: Centralize social media management


An effective digital media strategy necessitates the ability to message timely updates, announcements, and marketing promotions across all social platforms. Yet, marketing and brand teams must ensure internal alignment through lengthy steps of drafting, reviewing, changing, and finalizing social content.

To expedite this process, Slack Social Media Bot integrates with social media platforms like Twitter, allowing you to post messages instantly with ease, all from within Slack. 

By automating notifications and centralizing the work within Slack, teams can:

  • Instantly get alerted of new drafts ready for review or status updates have been made.
  • Remove friction by avoiding the need for reviewers to sign up and sign into external social platform services that they don’t use daily.
  • Have a record of the posting process, providing full transparency.

8. Course Bot: Engage students with coursework


Educators require an easy way to administer common aspects of their courses. However, before building or buying digital coursework management solutions, an important consideration is LTIⓇ (Learning Tools Interoperability) compliance in order to protect student privacy and data security using standards set by IMS Global Consortium. 

Slack’s Course Bot is LTI compatible and can integrate with your learning management system such as Canvas or Blackboard. By adopting Course Bot, system administrators and educators can:

  • Simplify and automate actions from pre-course setup to archival. 
  • Adhere to best practices for student data security.
  • Encourage student engagement through automated announcements from your LMS such as published grades.
  • Bring students and instructors together in workspaces and channels, fostering community building and learning.

9. SMS Bot: Power smartphone text messaging with Slack


Many professionals such as front office staff, field agents, retail store managers, or recruiters rely on text messaging to communicate with external contacts. But we all know how distracting mobile phones can be and switching devices to continue work becomes inconvenient. 

Slack’s SMS Bot introduces an elegant yet simple solution. Our SMS Bot enables users to send and receive text messages on mobile devices with the same front-end experience they’re used to while speeding up collaboration and keeping data centralized. Built with the Twilio API, text conversations are initiated through the creation of individual Slack channels. By using Slack SMS Bot to power smartphone text communication, you can:

  • Automate the creation of private channels for each contact
  • Automate invitations to opt-in to text communications
  • Collaborate with teammates in Slack while keeping internal conversations private
  • Gain a full record of conversations in one place


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