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Become a Slack Certified Administrator

Expand your skills, add to your résumé, and help organizations make the most out of Slack.

Take your experience to the next level

Slack administrators can transform organizations and the way teams work. Our online program will teach you how, so you can help companies of all sizes work better using Slack.

New opportunities await

Demand for highly skilled Slack administrators is growing. Our program will help you gain valuable, marketable skills to take advantage of these new job opportunities. Work for a Slack customer or services partner, join our customer experience practice, or market yourself as an independent contractor ready to bring companies into Slack. 

The Certified Admin program is the first credential in our Slack Certified offering: a growing ecosystem of courses, badges and certifications to build our customers’ and partners’ skills. If you’re interested in more credentials, such as the Certified Developer program, learn more on the Slack Certified site.


“Slack’s administration course gave me the know-how and confidence to begin running Slack at an enterprise level.”

Corey SmithSystem Dev Engineer, Ring



“I would absolutely recommend the course, because there’s no better place to learn from than the experts themselves.”

Brittany DastmalchiProject Manager

Joining the program

Our most successful candidates have had 6-12 months of real-world experience as Slack org admins or owners. That said, our prep course can help anyone gain these skills, regardless of experience. We encourage all dedicated candidates to apply.

We offer the program for a bundled fee of $300. It includes a comprehensive online prep course and two exam attempts.

Certification process

  1. Review the course and qualifications on our Certified Admin Study Guide page.
  2. Purchase the course and exam bundle.
  3. Take the course and schedule your exam.
  4. If necessary, you can schedule a second exam attempt. Otherwise, we’ll follow up with your proof of certification.

“While I had been using Slack for years, the Slack Certified Admin program helped me hone my skills and confirm Slack best practices. With this new confidence, I’ve been able to onboard and teach other Slack admins!”

Tahishia SimmonsSenior Product Analyst, Robots and Pencils



“I found the program very valuable—to get a clear perspective of various use cases and how to handle them, to understand Slack best practices and get comprehensive guidance in tackling admin solutions and overall Slack configuration.”

Swarna ManiManager, Guidewire

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