Resources to help you achieve your goals with Slack

Slack Success offers a range of guided and on-demand digital resources that customers can access for assistance from anywhere, anytime

Guided Slack Success

Leverage our guided resources for timely updates, events and best practices directly from the Slack Success team.

Sign up for Slack Tips and Tricks to receive updates, recommendations and resources from our Success team by email, curated and tailored to your Slack role and goals.

🏆 Slack Champion Network

Become a Slack champion for change management resources and access to key Slack teams to drive deeper and wider Slack engagement within your organization.

⏭️ Admin Roadmap Preview

Take a quarterly peek at our roadmap to learn what’s recently launched and what’s coming soon, including a live Q&A hosted by the Slack Success and Product teams.

🎥 Slack Webinars

Join our upcoming live events or on-demand webinars to learn about a wide range of Slack topics.

🚨 Slack Status

Subscribe to Slack Status updates for real-time information on Slack’s uptime alerts and issue history.


On-Demand Slack Success

Explore our on-demand resources for self-paced learning and support on your own schedule.

📄 Slack Success Hub

Explore resources designed to help you launch Slack, drive adoption with your team, and make Slack successful at your organization.

💡 Slack Tutorials

Review short tutorials, videos and tips to learn about getting started with Slack, including use case ideas and templates.

 Slack Help Center

Browse our collection of helpful articles to find answers to your Slack questions quickly.

📛 Slack Skills

Take on-demand courses, collect badges, and become a specialist in Slack’s features and best practices.

🌐 Slack Community

Meet other Slack users to exchange tips and tricks, network, or discuss the future of work. All are welcome!

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