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The State of Work: Productivity, AI and Flexibility

Learn how automation, AI and creative work arrangements can empower employees to do their most productive work

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In the past few years, the tectonic plates of work have shifted. First we witnessed an overnight redesign of where and when we work. Now a great leap in artificial intelligence promises to change the very nature of how we work.

A new study by Slack and Qualtrics takes the pulse on how these changes have affected employees’ productivity. In this webinar, we’ll catch up with Stack Overflow CEO Prashanth Chandrasekar, one of the leaders we interviewed in our latest State of Work report. Join us to learn how to supercharge your productivity in this quickly changing landscape.

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SlackVP, Quantitative Research and Survey ScienceLucas Puente
SlackVP, Product MarketingSateja Parulekar
Stack OverflowCEOPrashanth Chandrasekar