Graph, code and lighting icons representing the development cycle

Speed up software development with Slack

Rally teams in channels to build better, resolve issues quicker and bring efficiency to every stage of the development lifecycle

Launch better products

Animation of people working representing code planning sessions 

Tighten product feedback loops

  • Real-time visibility to customer, sales, and product feedback in cross-team channels
  • Pipe in automated alerts from review sites, app stores, social media, and customer survey tools
  • Turn feedback into action by creating roadmap items and assigning priorities directly in-channel

Accelerate agile product management

  • Reduce context switching with unfurled details from project management tools directly in channels
  • Create, assign, and get real-time updates on tasks, issues, bugs, and stories in Slack
  • Pull in KPI charts for velocity, burndown, deployment frequency, and cycle time

Break down team silos

  • Increase collaboration across product, engineering, and business groups with cross-functional channels
  • Automatically trigger major updates across teams when specific conditions are satisfied
  • Keep everyone on the same page with minimal effort with a single post for everyone to see and comment


Build and review code faster

A home with a magnifying glass focused on code representing code building

Reduce pull request cycle times

  • Real-time notifications and reminders for pull requests with visibility across teams
  • Gently nudge code reviewers so nothing falls through the cracks
  • Minimize context switching by actioning on pull requests without ever leaving Slack

Speed up prototyping

  • Integrate design and wireframing tools to collaborate and make faster UX decisions in-channel
  • Save time with notifications and commenting on files right within Slack
  • Iterate with third party designers and external agencies in secure shared channels

Share knowledge across engineering

  • Collaborate, search for code, and ask questions across cross-functional technical teams
  • Share code examples with inline snippets to help your entire developer community
  • Customize channel or individual notifications about commits, issues, pull requests, deploys, and more


Reduce dev cycle time


Computer display with check mark representing code testing

Faster CI/CD pipelines

  • React quickly to success and failure alerts from your continuous integration (CI) tools
  • Build automated workflows across tools, teams, and channels that fit your processes
  • Triage issues in real-time to avoid unnecessary escalations for smooth continuous integration

Orchestrate the dev toolchain

  • Complete visibility across various tools and teams brought into a single pane of glass
  • Interact with apps in Slack without context switching throughout your pipelines
  • Integrate observability tools to get performance and behavior alerts, even in pre-production environments

Tighter Dev & QA collaboration

  • Single collaboration space with in-the-weeds threads to speed up testing feedback loops
  • Capture and assign issues in Slack to keep QA and Dev teams focused during short sprints
  • Stop chasing updates using custom notifications for critical-path tests and bugs


Deploy with confidence


Rocket ship representing code deployment

Deploy faster with context

  • Deploy commanders get real-time updates as deployments progress through environments and rollout tiers
  • Use slash commands to deploy products to specific environments natively within Slack
  • Share metrics and charts in Slack to ensure SLIs and SLOs are not negative impacted by releases

Mitigate release risk

  • Automate processes with continuous deployment (CD) tools to reduce manual process bottlenecks
  • Preserve a timestamped audit trail for all deployments and decisions in one place
  • Cancel or rollback changes with the push of a button if a release goes wrong

Streamline change requests

  • Submit, discuss, and approve changes asynchronously to reduce time-consuming change review meetings
  • Connect tools to push and pull data from systems of record to minimize context switching
  • Automated summaries of scheduled changes provide transparency across teams


Resolve incidents faster


Software code and coggle representing operations team

Respond in real-time

  • Automatically spin up an incident channel from incident response tool alerts
  • On-call responders are instantly invited into the source-of-truth channel
  • Invite any individual or team with the click of a button, including external vendors

Instant context without interruptions

  • New responders quickly scan the incident channel without interrupting the flow
  • Threads create parallel workstreams to maintain a incident summary view
  • Business & IT executives get the right level of information without derailing the resolution

Streamline incident reviews

  • Virtually unlimited channels let you preserve details for every incident
  • Use emojis to mark points of interest for lessons learned and process improvements
  • Timestamped messages create an audit trail to cut out blame and bias