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Keep top-tier technical talent engaged and productive

Lead happy developers, connect teams across your company, and unlock developer productivity, all with Slack

Delivering high-quality products and services requires high-quality talent. What’s the secret to retaining top performers while attracting the best possible candidates? We believe it comes down to three key actions:

  1. Give your teams tools they love
  2. Create a dependable space for team communication
  3. Make it easier to spend time focused on high-value work

Lead happy devs

Facilitate the best employee experience by giving your developers a tool for the quick, real-time communication they covet. Every Slack user can:

  • Organize conversations to reflect a team’s unique structure, projects and priorities, with unlimited channels
  • Speed up communication by replacing short messages and approvals with emoji reactions
  • Carve out focus time with notification preferences
  • Minimize interruptions by automating routine tasks with apps and custom workflows

“We believe that to become the no. 1 bank, we need to be the no. 1 tech team. To deliver on the expectations of our clients, we need to give our employees access to the best tools, and Slack is one of them.”

Connect company wide

Information silos are almost always the root cause of duplicative work. Slack breaks down those walls and grants developers easy access to company experts, knowledge and code.

Block kit
Ximena Dávila11:00

Me parece que esto no se ha compartido anteriormente, aunque se completó a principios de la semana. Lo comparto aquí para que todos puedan estar al tanto.

Ximena Dávila
:laptop:Refactorizar SMUMessageDelegates; crear generador de componentes de kit de bloques en la interfaz de usuario de Slack
Historia: PAX-2042
Serie de pruebas: ejecutada como parte de la regresión de iOS, 
Errores: ninguno
Estado de control de calidad: :green_check_mark:

Enviar un mensaje a feat-block-kit

Use Slack to:

  • Get the answers you need, when you need them most, with a company directory and team-specific channels
  • Put projects and code libraries at your developers’ fingertips and help new team members get up to speed quickly with intuitive search capabilities
  • Help developers escalate urgent conversations and engage others at their convenience through a mixture of real-time and asynchronous discussion
  • Ensure that important updates and communications are easily seen in dedicated channels for announcements

“Transparency and collaboration are crucial for us because that’s the focus we’re taking to build things for customers. If we can’t model that internally, it’s going to be really difficult to build software that way.”

Unlock developer productivity

Reduce costly context switching and increase the overall “ effectiveness of your team by integrating your existing tools with Slack. Those include:

To carve out even more time for the high-impact work your teams value most, like product design and development, move your stand ups to a Slack channel and host them asynchronously.

talent stand up
Ximena Dávila10:55

:green_check_mark: Luz verde para trasladar las nuevas funciones móviles en tienda a desarrollo
:seedling: Debido a las limitaciones de recursos tenemos que aplazar la función de videoconsulta a un lanzamiento futuro
:rocker: ¡A los clientes les va a encantar esta nueva experiencia!

Valentina Correa
Mauricio Rodríguez
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“Our Slack integrations empower developers to deploy from development machines to test environments to production environments in a very short period of time.”

Developers love Slack

Teams of every size, shape and kind are collaborating in Slack.

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