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Powering up productivity with workflow automations

Watch this webinar to learn how automation is fundamentally transforming the nature of how work gets done

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Streamline work and cut costs with Slack

Businesses today are facing unprecedented pressure to help their employees stay productive while keeping costs down. By leveraging technological innovations and automating their most common workflows, many companies have been able to successfully boost worker productivity — and save money at the same time.

In this webinar, Slack’s director of business technology Josh Senick will join Irwin Lazar, president and co-founder of research firm Metrigy, to discuss this growing trend. Drawing from both market research and real-world examples from clients and customers, they’ll reveal how automation is fundamentally transforming the nature of how work gets done.

Josh and Irwin will also explore how companies at any stage of maturity — from small businesses to large enterprises — can capitalize on automation to ensure efficiency as they scale. Finally, they’ll answer your most pressing questions in a fireside chat moderated by Slack senior solution marketer Jeremy Hemsworth.

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SlackSr. Solutions Marketing ManagerJeremy Hemsworth
MetrigyPresident and Principal AnalystIrwin Lazar
SlackDirector of Business Technology Collaboration and OperationsJosh Senick








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