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The value of Slack for software developers

See how Slack improves code deployment, service reliability and developer productivity to help you understand your investment

The software development process calls for a complex network of cross-functional collaboration and continuous improvement from end to end.

Work in Slack happens in channels—organized spaces for everything related to a project, topic or team. Rather than getting bogged down with minutiae like switching between apps, searching for people and information, and compiling status updates, developers use Slack to reduce communication redundancies and focus their time on shipping outstanding products and services.

Here’s how Slack makes the development process even more nimble.

“We have what we like to call an ‘end- to-end delivery pipeline’ that starts with source code and goes all the way through to production deployment. And now we have Slack integrated into all the key milestones in that process.”


Ship quality code faster

Slack channels provide teams with real-time visibility into project progress and decisions. With valuable information pulled out of silos, collaborating on specifications, code reviews and deploy statuses is easier for the whole team. This level of transparency also allows teams to stay focused on their priorities while nipping potential redundancies or misunderstandings in the bud.

  • 24%

    Increase in features delivered on time*

  • 23%

    Faster time to market*

  • 27%

    Less time needed to test and iterate*

Get started building quickly

Slack channels make it easy for product managers, designers and engineers to agree on what they’re building and why. Channels also bring all stakeholders, decisions and specs into one place, removing unnecessary friction so that teams can get started right away.

Simplify and speed up testing

Integrations, combined with Slack channels, make the entire QA process fit neatly into a dev’s workflow, so teams can quickly capture and assign issues, make pull requests, and provide real-time feedback that improves the quality of their code, all from Slack.

software development pull request
CheckpointAPP오전 11:05

:sparkles:김화윤 님이 풀 요청을 열었습니다. slack/webapp의 PR #142930 :sparkles:

PR-142930:heavy_plus_sign: : FF 뒤에 숨겨진 영상 공개
usertesting_unfurls 브랜치의 커밋 7개

강민석headphones오전 11:10

최강훈 님, Sonic 앱 목록을 확인해 주세요. PR

PR-142937: sonic-apps-list-unified-2
실행 중인 테스트 • 박소영 님의 커밋 3개 • Github에서 PR 보기 | Checkpoint


Increase visibility into deploys

Dev teams can use slash commands to trigger a deploy right from Slack, and connecting tools like Jira allows teams to automate much of the CI/CD pipeline, so anyone can check on the status of code, view builds and deployments, and see what’s been pushed live, all in one place.

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Improve service reliability

We don’t need to tell you that keeping an eye out for unusual behaviors is paramount for incident response teams. After all, a report found that major incidents can cost organizations up to $300,000 for every hour a system is down.

Slack supports response teams by ensuring that urgent alerts reach the right people and by providing teams with a central place to discover, resolve and get to the bottom of what caused an incident faster.

alerts incident
PagerDutyAPP오전 10:55
Triggered:#120699: db shard 919 is overwhelmed and hard down
Service:장애 대응
Dial-in Number:++1 877 853 5247
More actions...

Discover incidents in record time

Integrations with PagerDuty and Opsgenie ensure that critical alerts aren’t lost in the noise.

Solve issues faster:

When all conversations are in a central channel, new responders can get up to speed and take action without interrupting others.


Less time needed in Slack to identify and resolve engineering-related bugs*

Before Slack, it would have taken 15 to 20 minutes to find the root cause, but we’ve reduced the mean time to resolution to under five minutes.

Capture incident data in once place

Spend less time gathering information for analysis in multiple systems. Slack channels serve as a single source of truth, timestamped and archived for easy access.

Keep teams productive

Tools are top of mind for engineering talent today. Win the war for talent by giving your teams tools that prioritize team communication over hierarchy and make it easier to spend time focused on high-value work.

790,000 daily active registered developers

Lead happy devs

Devs love how they can shape Slack to reflect how they want to work, with unlimited channels, notification preferences, custom workflows, apps and bots making teams more productive, happier and engaged.

Connect companywide

Slack’s search capabilities and company directory make it easy to connect with the right people based on programming language, topic or project. Slack channels support both asynchronous and real-time discussions, creating a living record of work that makes getting new devs up to speed swift and seamless.

Unlock developer productivity

Integrating all of your tools with Slack allows development teams to spend less time with iterative, lower-value tasks—like automating routine processes—and allows them to host asynchronous standups in Slack channels, so everyone can stay in the loop without breaking their flow.

talent stand up
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