An introduction to Slack for financial services

An overview of the unique ways Slack is suited to this fast-moving, highly regulated line of business

Slack is uniquely suited to respond to the challenges of fast-moving, regulated industries, from ensuring that mobile devices and data are kept secure to helping resolve fraud incidents quickly. Our industry-leading security program is designed to support digital transformation across all business units, not just the technical ones.

Slack also integrates with systems across different sectors of your business, streamlining work and boosting efficiency.

Enterprise-grade security

Slack allows financial services organizations to accelerate digital transformation and innovation while still meeting specific industry regulations and data privacy standards, including FINRA, data residency and GDPR. Slack’s security program offers full mobile device management (MDM), as well as native mobile security features allowing you to achieve mobile security that works with your business and risk models.

A new way to collaborate with colleagues, partners and customers

Slack helps the right experts—whether internal or external—come together quickly in Slack channels, where they can do everything from discuss firm-wide topics to improve time to resolution for critical fraud incidents. Slack Connect makes it seamless to collaborate with outside partners and clients, leading to less friction, more innovation and faster decision-making.

“We believe that to become the No. 1 bank, we need to be the No. 1 tech team. To deliver on the expectations of our clients, we need to give our employees access to the best tools, and Slack is one of them.”

RBCExecutive Vice President of Innovation and TechnologyMartin Wildberger

Radically simplified business operations

The Slack platform integrates with more than 2,200 apps, which means all your work can be centralized in one place—and you’ll spend less time switching between software products. For developers building the best digital banking experiences, Slack provides tools and features that power custom app development to digitally transform key processes.

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