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Modernizing wealth management with Slack

Hear how AllianceBernstein’s wealth management team uses Slack and Salesforce as their digital HQ to stay competitive and innovative

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AllianceBernstein is defining the future of wealth management through its innovative culture. Part of the global company’s success has been how it’s using Slack as its digital headquarters to transform its organization. Learn how the company’s wealth management team is modernizing the way it works cross functionally in a hybrid environment, and is leading the pack in the financial services industry.

Members of AllianceBernstein’s leadership team will discuss how the company, in addition to improving collaboration and streamlining its operations, is building relationships with its clients with Slack and Salesforce. They’ll also touch on current trends, challenges and opportunities they’re seeing in today’s wealth management landscape—and will share how the global company is using agile technology to stay competitive.

注目のスピーカー :

SlackHead of Banking & LendingMichael Ram
SalesforceIndustry Go To Market Senior DirectorDrew Seelig
AllianceBernsteinVP, Product Owner & Sales EnablementJames Haggerty
AllianceBernstein SVP/Head of Wealth Mgmt TechnologyAlberto Martinez